Help a Pawth Friend

– Link to old forum thread here

Recently some sad stories of Pawtherians with pets in need were posted in the Telegram main channel. Sometimes our furry friends are in need of life-saving procedures that are really expensive. Insurance, you say? Nah, they will find whatever reason not to pay. We’ll have to do it ourselves. As a community I believe we can do more.


I propose we start a fund that can help out to alleviate the cost for such procedures.


I see 2 ways to fund this:

  • Community donations - we can maybe add a button to My.Pawth, just like the Ukraine emergency donations
  • A normal Pawthereum donation could also go to this fund

Then there should be a simple application form in which Pawtherians can submit their story and ask for support. The core team could then decide to (partially) help pay for the procedure by donating some of the funds.

Of course this might seem like free money for some that will try to trick the system, that’s why we need some criteria.
I think of the following:

  • Be a long-term member of the Pawthereum community with some reputation points in the TG or on Discord
  • Hold some Pawthereum for longer than a certain amount of days
  • Be able to show a real and recent bill from the vet


Of course these kind of constructions are way easier said than done. If we do this, it has to be airtight so that the system won’t be abused. Feel free to discuss anything below.

A Pawth Fren in need is a Pawth Fren indeed.

I like the idea. I also really like idea of having long-term holders be prioritized for their commitment and loyalty. Perhaps there could be a certain threshold of amount of pawth held (and how long). What’s clear is that the standard for proof should be exceptionally high. I also like the idea of Telegram users with high rep scores being prioritized.