June 2022 LP Allocation Vote

With our very own DEX, PawSwap being almost ready to go from a technical perspective, it is now time to involve our community in options of funding the LP.

We are currently in the steps of optimizing the gas fees to bring them down as low as possible for trading as well as some added features.

Funding the LP is fundamental for launching.

We propose that Pawthereum, with the unlocking of Uniswap LP, allocates the funds necessary directly into the PawSwap LP.

After funding the LP the remaining steps before launching PawSwap DEX will be to:

  1. Gather enough funds for a thorough audit and completion of said audit.
  2. Gather enough funds for marketing PawSwap.
  3. Finalize the gas optimization and UI tweaks

Based on calculations from the Pawthereum Core Team, $20k Pawth / $20k BNB should be sufficient. That would amount to roughly 25% of the unlocked Uniswap LP and 15% of the total Uniswap LP.


YES: in favor of transferring $20k Pawth / $20k of the Uniswap LP into the PawSwap LP.

NO: against moving $20k Pawth / $20k of the Uniswap LP into the PawSwap LP

The uniswap LP:


The pancakeswap LP:


You can vote here:


or here: