PawthereumBot - a twitterbot providing cool information

Hi all,

There are some nice bots in the twitterspace that generate nice tweets about specific crypto projects. One cool example is the account @SafeMoonNewsBot from our friends of Safemoon.

I decided to code up such a twitterbot that tweets about all things Pawthereum. I’d like it to provide useful, insightful, funny, engaging information.
This could include:

  • $PAWTH price information
  • (Big) Buys
  • Holder statistics
  • Twitter status changes of the @pawthereum account.
  • Cool animal pictures & quotes
  • Pawth history

The twitter account can be found here:

The github repository is here:

It is written in Python.

For now it is very early days, and only a small Proof of Concept is ready. I intend to add functionality over the next couple of weeks.

First of: Anything is open for discussion. Let’s make a cool bot, together!

If you have any suggestions, remarks, ideas, … please do reach out here, on the telegram, in DM, …

Or better: if you have any coding or writing skills and you want to give a helping hand/paw, feel free to do so! You can clone the github repository, create pull requests, …

Sources / Copyright
These sources are made open source. Still have to think about which license to use.
The copyrights belong to the Pawthereum project.
Perhaps in the future other crypto projects can make use of it, improve it, …
This could provide some extra visibility/publicity for Pawthereum.



Sounds like a great addition, Catoshi!

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Today I added Whale dominance & slightly better threshold statistics.
An example can be seen here:

The tweets are placed when I manually run the python script.
At some point the script should run on a server with periodic checks if some statistics need to be updated.

Question: is there a server available for this? Does the free tier of a service like Heroku suffice? Something else?

Account Graphics
If anyone can help with nice graphics for the account, that would be cool. Looking for a thumbnail and wider banner for the twitter account. See image below:


This is awesome!!! Great work, Catoshi!

@myk do we have a server for this? I think Catoshi is talking about a cron job or something that will periodically run the script.

I got a spare slot collecting dust if yall need it.



I think a free tier of heroku or autocode or something could work or make use of this community member’s server!

Thee free tier on Heroku would do the job, but it is periodically halted so wouldn’t work 24/7.

@SD.m that could be very interesting for sure!