Taxless Arbitrage

How would the community embrace an arbitrage bot that is exempt from getting taxed and then the profits go into the Pawthereum ecosystem (operating costs, listing fees, donations, whatever is needed)

This would mean that instead of some random bot arb’ing Pawthereum, the advantage would be in Pawthereum’s hands to have a taxless arbitrage.

This project is offering this service with a 10% fee (not bad IMO)

What do you all think?


I cannot see a drawback here, 10% is a reasonable fee for the risks they will take on, and the code expertise required.

I support this proposal.

I think if this is technically possible then we should research that option and move forward if the community agrees on it.

I support this proposal.

It’s a novel idea. If it means the PAWTH team and ecosystem will be advantaged rather than some random bot owner, that’s a winning idea in my books. I can see this being a good long-term option.

Very solid proposal. I support this, and cannot see a drawback.

Agreed with the above.

(Btw, the acronyms are getting out of hand these days - AaaS (Arbitrage as a Service) :joy:)

This is now closed since taxless arbitrage was implemented